Timberscombe Playground will remain closed until further notice.

The John Arlott Playing Field (JAPF) committee know that the playground is enjoyed by many people however the safety of the community is the main concern in this strange and uncertain time. The JAPF committee hope that you respect and understand the decisions that they have to make.

The Playground will remain closed for the foreseeable future and maybe opened after any issues raised from the imminent yearly inspection are managed.

The JAPF committee are reluctant to reopen the playground once the inspection has been completed due to the health and safety requirements regarding COVID-19. The government has advised many points with regards to the cleaning of equipment after use, and the limiting of users in the playground at any one time. The committee do not have the resources to manage this and so have decided to keep the playground closed.

However, if there is a demand from the community to have the playground opened then they would welcome a group of volunteers, who would be happy to ensure the playground is cleaned daily and monitored to ensure the rules are being adhered to.

If you would be interested in helping to reopen the playground, please get in touch with either the clerk of the TPC: timberscombepcclerk@gmail.com  or the chair of the JAPF committee, Sue Searle:  s.searletpc@gmail.com

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