warm welcome – summertime!

Even though the weather has become considerably warmer, the friendly social aspect of our Warm Welcome in St Petrock’s will continue. Thanks to our volunteers, this will run every Thursday in June and July until the end of the school term. If you have not yet dropped in for a cuppa and some cake between 10am – 12 noon on a Thursday morning, please do so and you will be pleasantly surprised. There is no charge for refreshments.

Marion and Kate

village social – bougham bash!

On Saturday 24th June from 12.30pm everyone is invited to come along to Bougham Farm, by kind permission of Kate Hart, to enjoy a delicious open-air feast with pulled pork buns, an array of tempting salads and a range of tasty puddings. A vegetarian option is also available. Complementing this will be a selection of drinks from a licensed bar, raffles and a photo quiz, all in the grounds with beautiful views which surround Bougham Farm. This venue is half a mile walk from the centre of the village and we ask that with narrow access, and if you are unable to walk there, you book transport in advance with Kate (01643 841745) or Marion (01643 841500) Tickets are family friendly and available in advance of the day priced £10 per head from the Post Office, the Lion Inn or after services at St Petrock’s on a Sunday morning or during the Thursday Warm Welcomes in the church. Under 12s tickets are £5 and children under 5 are free entry. On the day tickets will be £12. Early booking to help with catering is appreciated!

This event was very successful when held previously, and we hope to welcome you again on 24th June – a major fundraiser for our village church which relies on your support to maintain and keep accessible for everybody.

Thank you – Kate and Marion

Timberscombe PC Chair’s Report May 2023

Last year saw the departure of two Parish Councillors, Peter Pilkington and Cait Collins. Peter was an excellent chairman to the PC over several years. His contribution to the PC was outstanding and he will be sorely missed. Cait had been with us for a shorter time but made a real impact with her eco-friendly initiatives. The councillor vacancies were filled by Flo Lloyd, Scott Walker and Ian Ware. With the resignation of Peter I took over the role of chair in February 2023 with Flo Lloyd becoming Vice Chair, succeeding Allan Sutton.

Over the last year the PC supported 9 planning applications: Bramley, Applecombe, The Methodist Church, Allercott Farm x2, 1 The Forge and Old Stowey. Details of these applications can be viewed on the ENP website.

The PC’s efforts to make Timberscombe a more eco-friendly village continued. We joined the No Mow May campaign again and planted more wildflowers on the verges. A few were visible last summer but we hope for a better show this year. Selective mowing of the grass will continue again this year but we have listened to the many divergent views on this and amended our plans accordingly.

The wildlife mapping of Timberscombe has now been completed and a large biodiversity map is now on show at the village hall. A follow up to this project is planned later this year by West Somerset Together.

Once again, the village was given free trees to plant and these were distributed to villagers to plant on their property.

The village now has a Parish Online website to map the village resources and assets and the PC would be very keen to speak to anybody interested in helping to develop this site.

Throughout the year the PC has organised village maintenance, including the cutting of hedges and grass and the clearing of roadside weeds. We contract the emptying of the dog and rubbish bins and the filling of the salt bins and bags.

On the roads numerous potholes and damaged or missing signs were reported to Somerset Council for repair by the clerk. Parishioners should be aware that they can report problems themselves by using the “problems on the roads” page on the Somerset Council website. Alternatively, they can be reported to the PC clerk.

Footpath problems have been dealt with by our Footpath Liaison officer, Gary Southon, Cllr. Allan Sutton or the PC clerk. Reports have included trees down, vegetation blocking pathways, broken and discarded tree guards and rubbish.

The PC has not forgotten the perennial problem of the surface water in Great House Street, or the damaged trough and we are still working with Cllr. Frances Nicholson and Somerset Highways to try to resolve these problems.

As you may be aware, WS and T Council no longer exists and easy to solve problems such as overhanging trees or rotated road signs are reported to the local Highways Steward by the PC clerk. Both the clerk and I have attended the Exmoor Panel meetings which have been working to set up new Local Community Networks (LCNs) to ensure that local issues are dealt with locally.

Speeding has long been an issue in the village. The parish survey, completed by Peter Pilkington, indicated that a Speed Indicator Device (SID) was the most popular proposal. Three members of the PC met with Somerset Highways recently to check out proposed sites for a SID, which the PC plan to purchase for the village. This is not a simple issue, with numerous regulations governing the placement and type of SID we can have. We are currently awaiting Highways’ feedback before purchasing the SID.

A 20 mph speed limit also proved popular in the survey, although sadly Somerset Highways instructed us to remove the “20 is plenty” signs earlier in the year !

The PC have received complaints from riders about abuse and dangerous driving around horses and riders on the roads. Whilst we had the Somerset Highways team on site, we took the opportunity to discuss other road issues. We are hopeful that Highways will approve “horse in road” signs for the Bickham bend and near the Methodist Chapel. The Police have suggested that body cameras would be helpful for riders, as they are able to prosecute bad behaviour using body camera footage.

In February the PC organise a defibrillator training session in the village hall. The session, run by Minehead Defibrillator Group” was attended by 19 villagers and was really well presented. The PC gave the MDG a donation of £100, to add to the collection made on the night. Replacement pads and a spare prep kit have been purchased by the PC.

The PC supported the Jubilee celebrations by purchasing commemorative mugs for all under 17s in the village and these were distributed by Cllrs Pilkington , Sutton and Campbell. The PC also funded the Jubilee party organised by villagers.

The PC works closely with other agencies. PCSO Linda Brooks was called in to speak to villagers about unlawful fireworks following complaints to the PC. Ellie Bishop, our village agent, attended the January meeting (see minutes online). In July the PC invited Mr Woods, from Magna Housing, to attend the meeting, to follow up on concerns raised with him last year. The PC continues to press for better liaison between Magna and the Village Agents. We would also like to acknowledge the outstanding work done by Joy Booth and her team of volunteers to assist both of these agencies. The village now has three registered emergency contacts with Somerset Council to liaise in emergency situations.

The local Citizens Advice team attended our February meeting to tell us about their work with Timberscombe residents and request a donation to help their work.

The PC gave a donation to the Poppy Appeal and our internal auditor donated her fee to the Red Cross.

Cllr Kathy Walker is our representative on the local bus forum looking at services in the area.

As trustees to the John Arlott Playing Field, the PC looks after the play area. Thanks to Cllr. Scott Walker who has carried out weekly checks on the equipment and completed minor repairs. As a result of our work the play area received a good annual inspection. The time has come, however, to replace the large slide and wooden structure which is well passed its best. It is hoped that we can raise sufficient funds to replace it with outdoor gym equipment suitable for teenagers and adults. Help is always needed to raise funds and our amended constitution allows for non-council members to be co-opted to the committee. The PC would be very pleased to hear from anybody who would like to help us raise funds or join the committee.


05.23 PC Annual Meeting Minutes 22nd May 2023

Below are the current works to be carried out by the Highways department. Further details to follow on other works.

A396. Timberscombe. LINING plans. V1

A396, Timberscombe. Location plans. SIGNING.