NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Casual Vacancy has occurred in the office of Councillor on the Timberscombe Parish Council.

Unless ten electors for the Parish give notice in writing by Tuesday the 9th day of November 2021

to the Returning Officer, Somerset West and Taunton Council, West Somerset House, Killick Way, Williton, Taunton, Somerset. TA4 4QA (, requesting that an election be held, the Parish Council will, at a Meeting to be held on

29th November 2021 at Timberscombe Village Hall, fill the vacancy by the co-option of a new Councillor.

Mrs L. Webb

Clerk to the Parish Council


Great House Street,



TA24 7TQ

Dated: 21st October 2021

Note: The requests do not have to arrive at the same time and can be in any form, for example, letter, fax or email.

If you think you might be interested in applying for this role, please contact me at for further information.

No Dogs Please!

Hello to whoever this may concern.

My brother and I have taken on a tenancy of 2 fields within the village.

One of them is alongside Wannaroo and the social club, this one we have padlocked and don’t want dogs/walkers in (I have already started informing people of this) the second field which is on the Wootton Courtenay footpath just over the bridge from Wannaroo, it is about an acre and a half with the Avil running alongside. This one we know is used as a dog walking field by the village. I have been around with the hedge trimmer and opened it up, I will also be cutting back the overgrown hedge alongside Heber Vale Lane. We are hoping to stock the field once we make it secure. I have spoken to the national park about altering the gates to make them more “people friendly” we would like the villagers to respect this as a livestock field and keep dogs on leads when sheep are contained, and any dog muck to be removed immediately. If this doesn’t happen we may fence the footpath out of the field direct to the other gateway.

Many thanks Oliver Hill

More Updates

Notification of Motor Event SCHEDULED FOR THE 23RD OCTOBER 2021
Exmoor Young Voices

Self Build Project
Exmoor Young Voices (EYV) has started a pilot project for six young couples to self build quality homes. Property prices and rents have soared even further beyond young people’s reach during the COVID-19 pandemic. Financial help is vital to sustain essential, young, Exmoor knowledge, skills and experience. EYV can access self build land, loans and grants, training, an experienced Exmoor self builder as project leader, a pro bono lawyer to advise on loan arrangements, and planning support from the National Park. A team approach ensures economies of scale for the self builders, especially in sharing skills and purchasing materials.

EYV has established a partnership with Lendology who are able to source grants and loans from local authorities for local needs housing. EYV also has a private foundation grant of £20,000, starting a small loan fund for deposits on land, purchase of materials, architects’ drawings, planning negotiations etc. The target for this fund is £100,000. The self build project commences September 2021.

Exmoor Summit
Young people’s housing needs are urgent. Councils and Housing Associations must make young people a priority if they want them to stay and work. This is the most aged district in England already. EYV invited all 9 of Exmoor’s County, District, Park, and Housing Authorities, before C19 struck, to explore what pledges they could make to secure a future for young workers on Exmoor. The postponed recall of that event, a groundbreaking partnership including local charities and young EYV Members, will take place this autumn if C19 subsides sufficiently for an effective Summit to take place.

EYV has helped fifteen young families recently to overcome (apparently) insurmountable blocks and barriers to their housing needs. The system for housing young people on Exmoor needs urgent attention. Two local families, who all agencies agree have vital housing need right now, are still blocked a year later. The costs in time, money and advisors is disproportionate.

The Local Authority/National Park registration process, and website, have both been improved, with EYV members’ advice. It is much better but still difficult for many. EYV supports applicants to register, while also monitoring less visible housing needs.

Effective Broadband
EYV Members have been championing vital improvements. This is a slow, cumbersome process, inhibiting business and public life in the National Park.

EYV members have also addressed Parliament, BBC, Countryfile, radio, ITV, all of Exmoor’s 56 public authorities, and secured the services of 9 professional advisors in housing, planning, self building, IT, travel, training, enterprise, employment, charity law and funding. All are long term, local residents themselves steeped in the issues young people face on Exmoor. For more information, visit