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This site is made using the hosted version of WordPress, who provide the entire platform including hosting, backups and security. This means the site can hold an almost unlimited amount of pages, photos and documents, so please feel free to provide us with more content for the site by sending your own photos, information about clubs and   activities in Timberscombe and historical documents.

The site is paid for by Timberscombe Parish Council and the historical content is being developed with help from the National Heritage Lottery  Fund.

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The site is administered by several villagers. If you wish to get in touch please use the contacts form on the “Contacts” page.

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We would like to thank Bill Hodgson for his help in setting up the site. Bill is a self-employed marketing consultant working with customers in the capital markets and is interested in helping local businesses, clubs and charities get themselves online to promote their activities.
His services include:
Designing and building websites
Filming and editing videos
Design and print
Running events