Minutes of the Meetings

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Following the Prime Minister’s statement on Monday 23rd March 2020 the Timberscombe Parish Council have been unable to hold their meeting which was due to be held on Monday 30th March 2020, to pass the Business Continuity Motion.

The Timberscombe Parish Council have all agreed to pass this motion via email response, as they are unable, at the present time, to hold a public meeting. The Timberscombe Parish Council understand that this is not recommended procedure but in the light of the present restrictions they feel it is the only way that the parish council can continue working. The councillors emailed responses will be kept on file by the clerk for future verification if it is required.

COVID-19 Business Continuity Motion agreement. Mar 2020 approved 24th March 2020

Minutes TPC 24th Feb 2020(currently unapproved)

Minutes TPC 27th Jan 2020 (Approved on 24th Feb 2020)

Minutes TPC 25th Nov 2019  Draft form but has since been approved by TPC

TPC Minutes 28th October 2019 Link 

TPC Minutes 23rd September 2019 Link

TPC Minutes  29th July 2019 Link

TPC Minutes extraordinary meeting June 3rd 2019 Link

TPC Minutes  annual Parish meeting 27th April 2019 Link

TPC Minutes 25th March 2019 Link

TPC Minutes 25th February 2019 Link

TPC Minutes 28th January 2019 Link