St. Petrock’s Church


10th NovemberRemembrance Sunday10.45amActs of Remembrance
17th November2nd before Advent11.00amHoly Communion
(Common Worship)
24th NovemberChrist the King11.00amMorning Prayer
(Common Worship)
1st December 1st of Advent11.00amHoly Communion
(Book of Common Prayer) said
8th December 2nd of Advent11.00amHoly Communion
(Common Worship)
15th December 3rd of Advent11.00amHoly Communion
(Common Worship)
22nd December4th of Advent3.00pmCarol Service
24th DecemberChristmas Eve4.00pmCrib Service
25th DecemberChristmas Day10.00amChristmas Mass
29th December1st of Christmas11.00amBenefice Holy Communion at Wootton Courtenay


NCT have supported our fundraising for an accessible toilet and small servery with a wonderful £10,000 grant in August 2019 towards our total amount needed of £46,077. Thank you to everyone who supports NCT and our village church.
We hope for your support to raise the final £10,000 so that we can install our church improvements in the summer of 2020. – St Petrock’s is at the top of the press release!

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Rector      Day off Monday
Rev Caroline Ralph
Tel: 01643 821812
The Rectory
Church Lane
Minehead TA24 6NT

Associate Priest
Revd Margaret Jackson
Tel: 01643 822501

Mr John Gratton Tel: 01643 841490
Mrs Mary Holcombe Tel: 01643 841443                                                            

Parish Administrator
Tracey Staples Tel: 01643 821812
Office hours Wed 9.30am – 12.30 pm & Thurs 9.30am – 5.30pm

Safeguarding Rep
Tracey Staples
Tel: 01643 821812

Office hours Wed 9.30am – 12.30pm and Thurs 9.30am – 5.30pm

Diocesan Safeguarding Teams’s webpage:


St Petrock’s is one of six churches in the Benefice of Dunster. St Petrock’s Church is open every day from 9.00am to 5.00pm and often in the evenings for events. The church is in regular use by the worshipping community with services, festivals and celebrations; and by the local community for a wide variety of events and by our local village church school.

For further information about St Petrock’s and the history of this Grade 1 Listed building

Clubs and groups use the church on a regular basis and visitors are always welcome:

Bellringing Group           

Practice every Thursday at 7.30pm and ring before each Sunday service from 10.30am.

Contact: Elisabeth Powls 01643 841055

Gardening Club      

Meets on the first Monday of the month, March onwards, from 7.30pm. Next meeting 4th March.

Contact: Marion Moncrieff 01643 841318 or Jenny Gratton 01643 841490 or

History Group        

Meets every other month on a Monday at 7.00pm or 7.30pm. Next meeting 15th July at 7.00pm.

Contact : Marion Jeffrey 01643 841500 or

Flower Rota

There is a small rota of dedicated flower arrangers but further volunteers would be extremely welcome.

Contact:  Maureen Waters 01643 841656 or Joy Booth 01643 841043

For full details about the activities and other information relating to St Petrock’s and to our sister church, All Saints’ in Wootton Courtenay, please refer to the Dunkery Tidings which is a monthly publication available at an annual subscription of £4 or for 40p per copy.

World War I Memorial and Research by Harvey Grenville

The PCC is extremely grateful to Harvey Grenville who has researched in a huge amount of detail, the life and service records of twelve local men who served in World War I. Harvey has kindly produced a magnificent booklet which gives full and supporting detail to their service, and a great deal of other supporting background material, which is available in St Petrock’s Church, Timberscombe priced £5, with all proceeds donated to St Petrock’s Church Funds.

Details of Timberscombe’s Fallen of World War I can be found

We have reached an important moment in the life of our village church and community asset – St Petrock’s Church.

With valuable National Lottery Heritage Fund support secured in October 2018, the PCC has been able to embark on the much-needed roof repairs to the south aisle roof and the vestry roof which are underway now in October 2019. A delay to the work was unavoidable whilst the issue of whether there were bats in the roof spaces was thoroughly investigated and resolved by a series of three separate ecological investigations which concluded that there was no evidence of bat habitat in the roof areas in need of urgent repair. Meanwhile the PCC have been engaged in promoting and leading a variety of heritage engagement activities in St Petrock’s and the village of Timberscombe which have been facilitated through funding from the NLHF and all Lottery Players, but still only possible with the help of a fabulous range of local volunteers who have offered enthusiasm, positivity, expertise and masses of practical support. We thank them all and promise to have a wonderful party for them especially, and indeed for all the community to enjoy, once the major part of the active engagement activities are completed.

The PCC was extremely grateful to receive helpful targeted guidance from the NLHF to make sure the application for funding was as well presented as possible. There was no doubt about the importance and necessity of the repair to the roof of the church, but at a time when there is strong competition for funding assistance, it was crucial to make a compelling case for community engagement in a restored church building.

There are limited funding opportunities from major grant-awarding bodies who will welcome applications from places of worship and it was important that this was successful. With funding support secured the PCC knows that the roofing and heritage projects will be completed by January 2020 although the benefits of both to our community will endure for a very long time.

As everyone knows, the PCC has also been working hard on a distinct and separate project since June 2017 to raise funds to provide an accessible toilet and servery in the church. A National Churches Trust Opinion Poll compiled September 2018 shows that almost a quarter of British people said they would be more inclined to visit a church as a leisure activity or tourist attraction if there were better visitor-friendly facilities such as accessible toilets. There is no doubt that this is the right way forward and will prove to be a huge asset to our village. Of course, without a watertight roof there would have been little point in pursuing this objective. Fundraising for the toilet and servery continues and the final 10% of funding is now sought so that the church can be fully prepared to face the future as a secure, modern and welcoming community asset.

Could you volunteer? Your support is always welcomed and our timetables are flexible so that we can best use the talent and the willingness of all who come forward. The opportunity is there to meet other people, support youngsters, learn creative and collaborative skills, have fun doing something different, enjoy new activities, reflect on our heritage and how important what we are doing is for our community and for heritage engagement. This is a community project and we will train volunteers to acquire heritage skills, interact socially and enjoyably, and create enduring heritage outcomes for the village. Would you like to deliver a musical evening in the church? Would you like to help organise a community celebration in January 2020 at the conclusion of the NLHF project? Think of ways to help achieve the final amount needed for our toilet and servery costs?

We can be proud of what we have achieved as a church and a community over the last year. Some examples include:

  1. An Oral History project with local volunteers trained by the Oral History Society over 2 days to interview local Exmoor voices and help preserve a portrait of life in our rural Exmoor community for the future to be available at the Somerset Heritage Centre.
  2. A Timberscombe Cooks! village heritage recipe book which is so much more. With anecdotes, photographs of contributors and local events, this was the result of over 70 entries and carefully put together by a team of volunteers who did such a great job the 100 copies sold out in an hour when the book was launched in Timberscombe on October 26th. We hope a re-print will be possible to satisfy demand, but we may not run to a full free taster session as was provided at the launch!
  3. A St Petrock’s History Group has been running successfully for a year now with a variety of local topics for lectures and talks and well supported with 50 members. New subjects and speakers are always welcomed. Please look at the History Group page a record of previous talks and forthcoming events.
  4. Our local school children have learnt about the childrens’ author and Methodist Minister Rev JP Martin who lived in Timberscombe until 1968 and each now has a copy of one of his cult ‘Uncle’ books.
  5. A recent photography session for the children meant they could explore and record key artefacts in the church and churchyard to enhance their heritage awareness.
  6. A new Village Heritage pamphlet will be available in the next few weeks so we can explore our village and make it easily accessible to walkers and tourists.
  7. A new  walking map, beautifully written by our own Churchwarden and his wife, linking the six churches which form the Dunster Benefice. We are planning a spring walk when all the six churches could welcome walkers out to explore our links and heritage.
  8. Our St Petrock’s Church pamphlet is in the process of being updated, mostly as a result of a fantastic act of generosity from a volunteer archaeological historian who provided clear well researched information, much of it new. He used a History Group invitation to prepare a pilot study for the Somerset Churches Project.

There is always more to be done, but this has been a very busy year and very rewarding for all the volunteers who have taken part. We thank you all for taking part, for reading this and for all that you do and will do for our community.

Please contact Marion Jeffrey on 841500, John Gratton 841490, Marion Moncrieff 841318 or any member of the PCC. Thank you.