St Petrock’s Annual Parochial Church Meeting

This important date in the church calendar will take place on Thursday 26th May at 6.00pm in St Petrock’s Church.

The first part of the meeting, called the Vestry meeting, gives everyone in Timberscombe the chance to elect two churchwardens, and this is followed by the Annual Meeting, which contains reports on the happenings of the church over the past year and an opportunity for those on the Church Electoral roll to appoint six members of the Parochial Church Council.

Everyone is welcome to come along to support their village church.

Jenny Gratton

Please help us to win £1000 for our church!

It is that time of year again when St Petrock’s Church in Timberscombe has an opportunity to win £1000 in a free to enter competition.

There will be a random draw on 30 May when 250 charities will be lucky winners, and then the process repeats for another draw in September and another in December.

The more nominations St Petrock’s receives, the greater the chance of winning so we rely on your support to increase our chances of winning a valuable £1000. Then please spread the word to anyone else you feel would be willing to support us. You may only nominate one charity in each round. We have won this competition twice in the past few years and the money has been extremely helpful with our ongoing development of St Petrock’s and ability to help and support our community. The PCC is currently completing the hearing loop in the church and our next urgent project is the replacement and extension of the tarmacked pathways which will enable disabled and wheeled access to the churchyard. We hope to be able to tackle this project in 2022 but prices have increased considerably.

All we would ask you to kindly do is click on this link and to do it today!

To enter, simply tick the registration exempt box and in the box which will then appear below, fill in the charity name as ‘ST PETROCK’S TIMBERSCOMBE PCC’ and charity type as ‘COMMUNITY’.

Thank you very much for your help.

Marion Jeffrey