Magna house available

Magna Housing Ltd has received 4 weeks’ notice of termination of tenancy for the following address within the Exmoor National Park;

Address: 6 Pixton Place, Dulverton. TA22 9DL. 

The property will become void on: 30.09.19. This property is subject to a S106 local restriction.

This property will be advertised to let with the local restriction on the Somerset Homefinder website and will also be advertised to let with the local restriction in the West Somerset Free Press on: Friday 6th September 2019

If you are aware of anyone who has a housing need and meets the local connection criteria, please advise them to contact our lettings department on 01305 216062 as soon as possible. We will look at those applicants who already have a housing application in the first instance. Martyn Hopkins will be the lettings officer dealing with the letting of this property.


Exmoor Artists’ Exhibition & Sale

 Gabrielle Horrobin, Trish Wright, Margaret Lovatt and Ro Hoyte will be exhibiting their work at The Gallery in Dulverton Heritage Centre this month.


Route 60+ Presentation

Thursday 16th January, 2020

10.00am – 1.00pm

Wootton Courtenay Village Hall

Route 60+ is a FREE presentation for older drivers, addressing how both vehicles and driving skills have changed over the years and how these can be updated.  The  presentation offers coping strategies to take into account the increased amount of vehicles on the road and, as we get older, our ability to adapt our driving skills.

For more details, click here: Route 60+

Temporary Closure of Church Street

The County Council of Somerset have made an Order PROHIBITING ALL TRAFFIC from
proceeding along Church Street to enable Wessex Water to carry out supply separation works.
The Order becomes effective on 04 September 2019 and will remain in force for
eighteen months. The works are expected to last for 7 days.
Please visit for further information on the alternative route

Film Nights at Timberscombe and Wootton Courtenay

Timberscombe Film Club

Saturday 31st August: 6.45 for 7 pm – Bohemian Rhapsody.

In October and November we will be showing Red Joan (starring Judi Dench and Sophi Cookson) and Fisherman’s Friends (starring Daniel Mays and Tuppence Middleton).  Both films are getting excellent reviews.

Members of the Film Club can see all three of these films at a total cost of just £6.

Guests may attend for £4 a film.

If you would like to know more about the film Club simply reply to this email.


Wootton Courtenay Village Hall are showing “FREE SOLO” on 2nd September . For further detail click on the link below:



by Wendy Cook

Saturday, 17th August 2019
Considering the difficult growing conditions this summer and the gales and rain that prevailed on the day before the show, it was amazing that entries held up as they did. Particularly pleasing was the number of new people entering all sections of the show which bodes well for the future.
In the afternoon, Timberscombe Village Hall was full of villagers and visitors viewing the show and then digging deep into their pockets to buy produce auctioned very ably by Ken Powls. They also did their own judging to award ‘The People’s Choice’ prize.
We were grateful to have a new cup this year, donated by Harry and Sue Crawford, to be presented annually for the best sweet peas.
Thanks went to judges Mr. John Keal, Mrs Sue Crawford, Mrs Fiona Plumstead, Mrs Sally Farmer and Jamie and Lisa Waters for giving up their time and for their expertise.
Trophy winners for Best exhibits : Best in Show – Catherine Jarvis; Runner-up Best in Show – Joy Booth; Best vegetables and fruit – John Gratton; Best flowers – Catherine Jarvis; Best sweet peas – Catherine Jarvis; Best Flower Arrangement – Joy Booth; Best Cookery – Wendy Cook; Best Handicraft – Catherine Jarvis; Best Photograph – Kayleigh Campbell-Farmer; Best Child’s Exhibit – Iola Tompson; Runner-up Best Child’s Exhibit – Tehya See; Most points overall cup – Gabrielle Horrobin; People’s choice prize – Joy Booth.
Class results (in 1,2 3 order):
Vegetables and Fruit: Runner beans- G.Horrobin, J. Horrobin, J. Booth; Dwarf beans – J. Booth, C Jarvis, C Wheeler; Carrots (short) – J. Burge; Carrots (long) – J. Gratton; Potatoes (white) – J. Gratton, J. Gratton; Beetroot – M. Bennett, J. Gratton, R. Jeffrey; Rhubarb – J. Horrobin, R. Jeffrey, J. Gratton; Tomatoes (large) – R. Jeffrey, M. Bennett; Tomatoes (small) – G. Horrobin, J. Gratton, J. Gratton; Parsley – J. Gratton, J. Burge; Vase of Herbs – G. Horrobin, J. Gratton, J. Burge; Courgettes – M. Bennett, J. Burge, R. Jeffrey; Any other root vegetable – J. Gratton, J. Horrobin; Any other pod/seed vegetable – R. Jeffrey, J. Burge, R. Jeffrey; Any other leaf vegetable – J. Burge, J. Gratton, J. Burge; Any other vegetable – R. Jeffrey, R. Jeffrey, R. Jeffrey; Longest rhubarb – J. Horrobin, R. Jeffrey, J Gratton; Longest runner bean – L Webb, K Hart, K. Hart; Oddest shaped vegetable – J. Horrobin; Apples, dessert – P, Bennett, J. Gratton, R. Jeffrey; Apples, cooking – G. Horrobin, J. Horrobin, R. Jeffrey; Plums – G. Horrobin, J. Horrobin, L Webb; Soft fruit – P. Bennett, J. Gratton, M. Moncrieff; Any other fruit – R. Jeffrey.
Cut flowers: Sweet Peas – C. Jarvis, S Crawford, R. Jeffrey; 6 cut stems – C. Jarvis; Roses HT – J Burge, S. Crawford; Roses, floribunda – S. Campbell, S. Campbell; Clematis – G. Horrobin; Dahlia, pompom – C. Jarvis; Dahlia, any other variety – C. Jarvis; M. Bennett; Jenny Gratton; Pansies/ violas – C. Wheeler, C. Jarvis, C. Wheeler; Hydrangeas – G. Horrobin, J. Burge, M. Moncrieff; Best single flower in my garden – R. Burge, M. Moncrieff, R. Burge; Best single leaf in my garden – C. Wheeler, J. Horrobin, R. Burge; Best weed in my garden – J. Horrobin, L. Webb, C. Wheeler.
Pot Plants: Pelargonium/geranium: J. Burge, J. Burge; Cactus – R. Burge; Fuchsia – J. Burge; Any other pot plant – J. Burge.
Flower Arrangements : Arrangement in an unusual container – J. Burge, G. Horrobin, M Waters; Mixed foliage arrangement – G. Horrobin, M. Waters ; ‘Night Sky’ – J. Booth, G. Horrobin, M. Waters; Novice class, open – J. Willford;
Cookery: Seeded loaf – W Cook, P Bennett; Gingerbread men – M. Moncrieff, W. Cook; Plain scones – W. Cook, J. Strickland, M Moncrieff; Refrigerator cake – equal 1st W. Cook, M. Moncrieff; Fruit Cake – W. Cook, M. Waters, S. Ridd; Almondy apple cake (recipe given) – M. Moncrieff, J. Booth, W Cook; Strawberry Jam – S. Ridd; Raspberry Jam – S. Ridd; Blackcurrant jam – G. Horrobin; Any other jam – R. Burge, J. Burge; Chutney – M Moncrieff, J Strickland; Jelly preserve – J. Strickland, G. Horrobin; Marmalade – J. Horrobin; Fruit curd – M. Moncrieff, S Ridd, J. Strickland.
Handicraft: Hand/machine sewn article – P Wright; Matinee coat – C Jarvis, S Ridd, J. Smith; Child’s knitted garment – K. Walker, M Moncrieff, J Smith; Any other knitted article – C. Jarvis, L. Hay, K. Walker; Crochet item – M. Waters Worry monster (pattern supplied) W. Cook, M. Moncrieff, L. Hay; Cross stitch/tapestry – M Waters; Oil painting – H. Crawford, H. Crawford, P. Wright; Watercolour – P. Wright, S Crawford, M Waters; Picture, any other medium – H. Crawford, H. Crawford, M Waters; Limerick – K Hart, J. Horrobin, W. Cook; Homemade ‘thinking of you’ card – M Waters, M Waters; Poster for 2020 – L Webb; any other handicraft – P. Price.
Photographs: Winter wonderland – A. Stamford, G. Horrobin, J Campbell-Farmer; The Enthusiast – G Horrobin, L. Webb, A Stamford; It’s a Pet’s Life – K Campbell-Farmer,S Campbell, L Webb; Any Old Iron (Black and white) – M Bennett, J Booth, G Horrobin; Fruit and Veg – L Webb, G Horrobin, G Horrobin.
Children’s Classes: Preschool: Beach collage – H Melrose, S Willford, A Gillard. Age 5 – 9: Butterflies – T. See, L Watkins, E Orpin; The Water Cycle – I. Tompson, D Harris, equal 3rd: K Watson, R Bryant; Popcorn Cookies – M Tayler. Age 10 – 16: Decorated Flower pot: R. Burge, H Tayler; Any other handicraft – R. Gibbard.