30 mph signs in the village

We have been contacted by Linda Brooks, our PCSO, on behalf of the Speed Enforcement Team regarding the  30mph signs in the village along the main road. Small sticker type 30 mph signs have been placed on lampposts by a member of the public. Whilst the person who did this was trying to be helpful and with good intent it actually means that the law cannot be enforced.

The Police have informed us that:

we can’t enforce legally if there are any signs outside the traffic regulations order. In this case, the 30 mph zone is designated by a system of street lights, and the regulations state that no other signs can be used. Anyone caught speeding will get off on this technicality”

If anybody is aware who may have put up the stickers please could you make the person aware of these regulations. Otherwise, it may be that the enforcers delay coming to the area if they cannot legally do anything.

To all users of Timberscombe Village Hall

On several occasions over the past months hall equipment has not been correctly stored.  This has resulted in some situations that are hazardous to users and have had the potential to cause personal injury.

The following are some examples of what has occurred in the last two months.

  • Tables on trolley NOT secured and in danger of falling when trolley moved. Potential to injure the next person moving the trolley.
  • Too many tables on the trolley. There should be seven tables stacked on the trolley.  It is difficult to put an additional table on the trolley but somebody did manage it and left a very unstable unit as a result.  Three of the brown tables should be stored against the white tables in the store cupboard.
  • Two tables stacked in the cupboard in a dangerous manner, leaning against the door waiting to fall out. This was VERY dangerous and had the potential
    for serious injury.
  • Chairs stacked haphazardly and liable to topple over. There should be a maximum of nine chairs in a single stack.
  • Power left switched on in kitchen causing dangerous overheating of hostess trolley. This was a significant fire risk.
  • Lights left on and the front door left unlocked.

Other incidents that have had an unpleasant result are not flushing toilets, blocking cupboards in store with chairs, dirty crockery put away in kitchen.

We wish to remind ALL users that it is their responsibility to ensure that the hall and its equipment is left SAFE, CLEAN, and TIDY. That all lights are turned OFF, windows SHUT and doors LOCKED and that all equipment has been correctly stored in the allocated spaces. Signs showing the correct storage positions have now been attached to the inside of the storeroom doors.

It does not take very much time to make a proper check when vacating the hall. We would ask that one member of your organisation is nominated to make a final check of the Hall before locking up.

If there is any doubt as to the correct requirements, please ASK and we will gladly show any user.

Please report any incidents to that you find to us immediately so that we can rectify them BEFORE someone is hurt/injured.

Martin Booth


Timberscombe Village Hall

Lion Inn Meat Raffle

The Lion inn BBQ meat raffle will take place at 8.30 pm on Friday (26th July) in the Lion Inn. Lots of tasty prizes to be won! Tickets available from the bar at £1 each. If your not going to be here for the draw,  you must ‘nominate a mate’s to collect it for you.

Sunny regards, Theresa at The Lion Inn

Two items for Wootton Courtenay which may be of interest to Timberscombe residents.


Fake Ofcom Calls from 01643


We got a fake automated call today pretending to be from Ofcom and suggesting our broadband would be disconnected unless I did something.  Someone in Minehead got the same call, the common aspect being that it seems to come from our local 01643 calling area. Clearly the number is being faked to trick the receiver into thinking it is a local call.

As with any scam – if they use coercion and fear to get you to do something, it’s probably a hoax. More info on the Ofcom website here:


Staff Vacancies at Dunkery Beacon Hotel

Part time summer staff are required for daytime housekeeping and/or evening restaurant service at Dunkery Beacon Country House.

Good rates and tips.

Contact John & Jane
Dunkery Beacon Country House
01643 841241



What a lovely summer we have been having, good to have a touch of replenishing rain too. I wanted to let everyone know that True Nature’s next wellness retreat weekend is coming up fast and that we have a few places left for the holistic wellbeing day on the Saturday. We also have a great new offer for the Saturday!



Places are very limited. 


SATURDAY 27th July 

_____10 – 5pm____

    £59.00  (Homemade delicious lunch included)


Our Exmoor National Park venue – Lower Holworthy Farm is such a special venue; right on the lakeside it provides a peaceful space to really relax, recharge and have some health enchanting fun! I hope you can join us.


Booking form: 

Alternatively email or tel: 07973 953 012
Holistic Health Practitioner / Consultant / Facilitator

Regards, Venetia

True Nature Wellness Clinics / Classes / Retreats

Tel: 07973 953 012                                                         ​