National care leavers week

National care leavers week begins on Wednesday 24 October – if you could share the following information to help vulnerable young people. We’d be most grateful:
Be the Difference between homelessness and a brighter future
Mia is 18. So far in her life she’s been exposed to abuse, family drug and alcohol problems, bereavement and lost her home.
Mia moved from friend’s house to friend’s house until she found Bea.
Bea became her Stepping Stones carer gave Mia the support she needed to begin her life again. Mia is now studying and volunteering in her local community to gain work experience. Knowing that Bea is there to offer her guidance and a safety net, gave Mia the confidence to start her life again.
If you’d love to help a vulnerable young person – ask about becoming a ‘Stepping Stones carer’. You could really help by offering a bedroom to and mentoring young care leavers in Somerset towns. It provides them with a safe space, a ‘stepping stone’ to adulthood while they begin studies or a career.
Annabel and Linda live together in Bridgwater in a Stepping Stones placement, with Linda’s two rescue dogs. Linda has been a stepping stone for years now, partly with her husband and then as a single carer when he passed away. She shares how great it feels to help someone: “I really enjoy it. The Stepping stones team are so good at matching the right young people with the right carer and they’re very supportive. Some placements have worked so well for us we’ve had them with us well into their twenties. We still get Christmas cards and photos of the families they went on to have.’”
Sue in Frome has been a ‘Stepping Stone’ for just over a year now and explains the mutual benefits.
“After my divorce and my kids had gone off to university the house felt a bit lonely really. I enjoy having the company and a young person around again, plus I love knowing that I’m making someone else’s life better!”

Find out more about ‘Stepping Stones’ including info on allowances, training and support and discounts package – Call 0800 587 9900, visit www. or come to an information evening:

Help us spread the word on fostering and stepping stones – share a poster for us!

Click to access Fostering-Poster-new.pdf

Click to access stepping-stones-flyer-new-2018-copy.pdf

Many thanks
Caroline Cook
Communications Officer
Somerset County Council

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