30 mph signs in the village

We have been contacted by Linda Brooks, our PCSO, on behalf of the Speed Enforcement Team regarding the  30mph signs in the village along the main road. Small sticker type 30 mph signs have been placed on lampposts by a member of the public. Whilst the person who did this was trying to be helpful and with good intent it actually means that the law cannot be enforced.

The Police have informed us that:

we can’t enforce legally if there are any signs outside the traffic regulations order. In this case, the 30 mph zone is designated by a system of street lights, and the regulations state that no other signs can be used. Anyone caught speeding will get off on this technicality”

If anybody is aware who may have put up the stickers please could you make the person aware of these regulations. Otherwise, it may be that the enforcers delay coming to the area if they cannot legally do anything.

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