TGN Alert Cards

Residents in the village will soon be receiving from the Timberscombe Good Neighbours team two pieces of card, one green and one red . The cards will have the following instructions:

Timberscombe Good Neighbours

Coronavirus Alert Card

  • If you are in self-isolation and you are OK please display the GREEN card in your window.
  • keep the RED card in a safe place.
  • If you need help phone our help line. ONLY, if you are unable to contact us put the RED card in your window.
  • To help others, please report any red cards you see displayed to the Timberscombe Good Neighbours Help Line  07391870332.  

With so many of our Good Neighbours team themselves in self-isolation we are very sorry that we are unable to cover the whole of the parish. However, if you would like to have a set of these cards and you have not received them by the end of this week please respond to this email and we will ensure that some reach you.

We will be alerting the postman to this scheme.


Keep smiling

Lesley Webb


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