Neighbourhood Watch Alert

There have been recent reports of the cattle on Timberscombe Common being unsettled by unauthorised vehicles.

Sightings of a rider on a small, low powered motorbike (monkey bike) have been reported.

There is also evidence of the tyre tracks of a larger vehicle.

There should be NO vehicles on the Common.

Is you see (or have seen) any vehicle or unauthorised activity on the common, please email John Prideaux at:

If you see a crime in action ring 999 as soon as possible.


Saturday Delivery Suspended

Royal Mail has announced that Saturday letter deliveries will be temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is because of high levels of coronavirus-related absences and necessary social distancing measures.

Starting from May 2, letters will only be delivered from Monday to Friday.

However, Royal Mail has said most parcels – including special delivery and tracked services, as well as non-account services would continue to operate six days per week.

Collections from businesses, post offices and post boxes on Saturday will also continue.

Note from the editor – Don’t forget to thank your postie for continuing to work!

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