Drainage Works in Timberscombe

This is a progress report on our works just above Beasley Farm on the Timberscombe to Heathpoult Cross Rd (above Church Street, Timberscombe).  The scheme was to repair and improve 270 metres of road edge drainage and cross drains, as there have been many historic issues with tree root ingress, as well as low capacity pipework.  These works required a full road closure due to restricted road widths for worker and public safety.  The works initially started slowly as the team encountered various areas of hard dig (shillet, etc) but, helped by extremely good weather thus far, the works have now caught up and are scheduled to be completed at the end of this week (weather permitting).

We would like to take the opportunity thank you all for your help and tolerance in this regard whilst we are trying to carry out as many difficult and sensitive schemes as possible, capitalising on the reduced impact under Covid-19 restrictions.  We appreciate the inconvenience this may have caused due to short notices, etc, but are trying to achieve the least damaging effect overall to the general public.  We will continue to keep you all in the loop regarding any further works.

Kind regards,

Kevin Bridgwater

Assistant Highways Service Manager
Environment Directorate
Somerset West and Taunton Area Highways

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