New Pre School Provision

Dear Villagers

I am writing to inform you that we have had to close the Timberscombe Pre School as of the end of this academic year.  As you will be aware, financially we have struggled for some time and during COVID 19 this has become impossible for it to continue despite all efforts including furloughing our two staff.

I would like to take this moment to thank our dedicated staff, Irene and Jo, who have given us years of care for our children and Joanne has seen generations through.  We would also like to recognise the efforts of everyone in our community in keeping a pre school in our village and giving support and time to ensure this provision has continued.  When we have a chance to come together without fear of COVID 19 we will mark the work of the staff and commemorate the Timberscombe Pre School properly and appropriately.

As we know just how important provision for our youngest villagers is, we have been able to work collaboratively with the school to ensure this remains in our village.  So, in happier news the school will be opening a new and different provision for 2 year olds from September 2020.  This will be called the ‘Timberscombe Little Oaks Early Years Provision,’ shortened to ‘Little Oaks’ and is different to the previous pre school.  For example, it will be relocating into the main class one space and will be led by school staff, extended hours, and many other exciting changes to secure this at the heart of our already tremendous school. The children will now all become under the ‘schools wings’ and be cared for all in the same way.  This will mean transition from one setting to the next is seamless with similar systems, environment, staffing, curriculum and nurture. All the children who were enrolled at Timberscombe Pre School will automatically be allocated a place, with no additional fees, to the Little Oaks Early Years Provision at the school.  Please let the school know if you do not want a place.

The school will be in touch soon with further details.

Thank you so much for your support of me as Chair and of our staff, this is both a sad time where we say goodbye to our team and the old pre school, but also an exciting time where the children have new opportunities within a new and different early years provision.

Best wishes,

Mrs Sophie Merrett


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