The Lion Inn

The Lion Inn will be open as usual today, but with a few changes in line, as per the new Government restrictions set out earlier this week.

· Customers will be required to wear a mask when entering the pub, and remain in place until seated, customers will also need to wear a mask when moving around the pub, such as using the toilet or going outside to smoke.

· groups should not exceed 6, unless your family unit contains 4+ children under the age of 12.

· Customers should avoid mingling with other groups – unless maintaining the 1-2 metre guidelines.

· On arrival guests will be asked for track and trace details, you can also check in via the Government Track and Trace app which is free to download, posters with QR codes will be available for this purpose.

·We will be operating table service only (no one will be allowed to approach the bar), staff will be wearing face visors at all times.

· Last orders for drinks will be 21:30, you will need to leave the premises by 22:00.

· We recognise that not everyone wants to eat, also we like hearing, and joining in with the banter, so we have changed our main dining room into a drinking friendly area.

· We will continue to serve food in the Second dining room and in the bottom Stable room, plus there are still tables in the bar area.

· I would like to thank everyone for their understanding and support over the short time we have been here, long may we continue to greet you in a hope of better times ahead.

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