Yoga for your Team!

Calling All business owners, team leaders and managers!

I am offering a fabulously simple yoga package to support you in supporting your people.

🔹 4 weeks of yoga

🔹 30 minute sessions

🔹 once or twice a week – at your desk

🔹 no special equipment or experience required

🔹 simple movement, breathing techniques and relaxation

So we’ve all heard (or know from our own experience) how great yoga is for:

🔹 Reducing levels of stress and anxiety

🔹 Increasing a sense of well-being

🔹 Improving sleep

🔹 Calming the nervous system 

🔹 Improving circulation, mobility and strength

Right now, while there is STILL so much uncertainty and disconnection all around us, we would all benefit from a bit more of this!

I have put together a fantastic yet simple package that will help you to support your team.

This package will help them to feel valued at work, feel healthier, more connected with each other, and will ultimately build their trust in you as an employer who cares and has their well-being as a priority.

People who feel valued are more productive and efficient.

It’s a win-win right?

This yoga package is perfect for people working in offices, at home or even in workshops.  All you need is a chair, and access to your computer! No special clothes, equipment or even previous experience of yoga are required.

These 30 minute sessions are delivered via zoom, either once or twice a week.

We can arrange a time to suit you and your staff. Maybe during lunch break, or in that ‘afternoon slump’ that’s so familiar to office workers!

The sessions will include gentle movement, breathing techniques for stress reduction, and relaxation.

£297 for 1 session per week x 4 weeks

£497 for 2 sessions per week x 4 weeks

5 people or less in your team? 

Ask me about a ‘mini team’ discount.

I’m taking bookings now – email or call to discuss further!

07961 892526

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