ASDA Regular delivery slots


If you have a regular ASDA delivery slot you MUST PRE book your December slots NOW otherwise you will lose them.

All December slots will open to the public on the 6th November so make sure you book yours by putting in a provisional order immediately before they’re gone!

I have already found that my Dec 2nd regular slot has gone to others who have had early access.

SO DO IT TODAY or you will have no food for Christmas !!!

Ps I would appreciate it if anyone with a TESCO or Morrisons regular delivery could let me know if this applies to those stores too so we can ensure that Timberscombe has food at Christmas..


Join me Tonight!

Zoom Transformative Yoga Nidra Sessions

(Weekly 7.30 – 8.10pm)

Book one or more sessions

There will be four weeks of a series of different healing relaxations with the bonus of extra information on some important holistic energy care tools to help you during the sessions, in your daily lives and now in lockdown!

​The aim of these sessions is for you to have some special time each week to snuggle up, relax, recharge and build up your inner wellbeing from the comfort of your home. This I see as being particularly important right now during these uncertain, changing times. We can all feel better about the external world if our internal world is feeling steady, strong and harmonious. In the peace we can clear the path to a stronger connection to awareness, consciousness, bliss and inner resilience.

                                                                                   Lift you Spirits Tonight                                                            

Cost £6.00 to book go to:

Warm regards


Venetia Moore – ITEC Clinical Hons. Dip. Cert Ed IPTI

Holi​stic Health Practitioner / Consultant / Facilitator/ reg.Meditation Teacher

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