Police Notices

Can you help us find this jewellery’s rightful owner?
We’re appealing for help to identify the rightful owners of a quantity of jewellery. Operation Remedy officers seized the items on Wednesday 16 December as part of their ongoing activity tackling burglary, drug and knife crime. The items include stone-set bracelets, necklaces and earrings, two watches and a pair of hoop earrings (pictured on link below), which are all suspected of being stolen in burglaries. If you have any information which could help to identify the rightful owners, call 101 quoting reference 5220197748. Attachments: 5218197748-jewellery.pdf

Winter Update. January 2021

As we enter the new “Lockdown” can we send our best wishes for a safe 2021 to everyone in the Exmoor area that we cover.

Crime levels are currently low, but we have received a report of a non-dwelling burglary, these are garden sheds, workshops, and farm buildings. Sometimes we only hear about these incidents well after the event. Can we ask you to encourage people to report promptly. This can be done by phoning 101, or if something is happening at the time, 999. Please pass this message out, and we wish we well in this difficult time.

Kind regards

Bryan STEVENS  PCSO 7317

Jo DAWSON      PCSO 7279

Dulverton Police Station. Exmoor Police Team.

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