Gardening Help sought!

We would like to issue a plea for volunteers to help with managing the gardening in the churchyard which is necessary to keep everything in order and provide a tranquil and well maintained space for all. If you could offer some help, whether weekly or fortnightly for a few hours, this would be very welcome and help share the load! Please let us know and we will discuss either individual or some group times to help together. Even an hour a week would really help keep the churchyard in good order.

And on a very similar theme, Timberscombe School has an allotment on church land which has fallen into disuse over recent times. There is the opportunity to revitalise this space and create healthy outdoor opportunities of growing vegetables, flowers, herbs and plants along with a sensory area for the benefit of the children and the wider community. The school will need some support from experienced gardeners or simply enthusiasts who could help to bring this corner allotment back to productive life.

There is a further possibility of creating a small forest school area particularly for the early years’ children in a corner area of the allotment with some logs (and perhaps a modest fire pit). If this seems appropriate for a shared community space, it could help support the children in the school commitment to outdoor learning.

The School would really appreciate any volunteers in the village making themselves known to Mrs Naomi Philp, Headmistress or to Marion Jeffrey.

With all good wishes

Marion Jeffrey (841490) and John Gratton (841500)

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