Timberscombe Exhibition – 18th – 19th September 2021

We know that lots of you have been very busy over the past year or so making all sorts of articles using well loved skills or having learnt new ones to keep yourself occupied (or sane?!).  As Timberscombe Show 2021 has been cancelled, we thought it would be a good idea to hold an exhibition of all sorts of arts and crafts to show off these. This will be held in Timberscombe Village Hall on Saturday, 18th  September, 10am to 4pm and Sunday, 19th, 10am to 1pm. Entrance and all participation is free.

Just bring all your exhibits to the Village Hall between 5 and 8pm on Friday, 17th September. If you would like to sell anything you have produced, please mark clearly with the price and fill in a card with your name and address on arrival. Exhibits should be collected from the Hall on the Sunday  at 1pm prompt.

We have all appreciated the decorated pebbles and the rainbows that have appeared around the village and we would love to include lots of children’s arts and crafts in a special children’s section.

Below is a list of suggestions for what you might be able to exhibit but probably there are more that we haven’t thought of so please feel free to contribute and show  what you like:

                Paintings, drawings and any other artwork

                Knitting, sewing and any other needlecraft

                Pottery, jewellery, wood and metalwork

                Greetings cards, limericks, photographs

                Jams & preserves, pot plants

                Decorated pebbles, rainbows and any other children’s crafts

We really look forward to seeing examples of the huge talent that exists in our village.

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