Thank you for your support

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to jump out of a plane two miles up (or 10,000 feet) for a tandem skydive in Oxfordshire last Saturday morning! I had moments when I thought this was possibly a very silly thing to do, but in the event so many of you were generous and gave me verbal and financial incentives to go ahead, that I did. It was glorious and fun and perfectly exhilarating and I would have gone straight back up for another jump if I could have. I think it’s what’s known as an adrenaline rush! The object was to raise money for St Petrock’s Church and for the Somerset Churches Trust which supports county churches and chapels to keep their buildings in good order for the community. To date, over £3000 has been raised which is an amazing achievement and thanks to all of you. I’m keeping the site open as there are still generous donors out there who are making contributions

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