This will be the first meeting of Timberscombe people who would like to develop positive local community responses to the climate and environmental emergency.

The group will look at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and promote biodiversity throughout the parish, as well as exploring energy- and money-saving ideas such as community purchases of solar panels, insulating houses, and improving local transport.

Projects this autumn include sowing wildflowers and also planting the trees the village has been allocated by the Queen’s Green Canopy scheme to celebrate next year’s Platinum Jubilee.

There’s already a lot going on locally, and there’s plenty of support available, both advisory and financial.  The Climate Change Team at Somerset West and Taunton Council are keen to help, as are the Somerset Climate Action Network, Somerset Wildlife Trust, and West Somerset Green Forum (was Forum 21); even the National Lottery is offering funding.  And our Parish Council, in company with County, District, Town and Parish councils throughout the UK, has declared a Climate and Environmental Emergency and is committed to following the Government guidelines to encourage practices to mitigate climate change and promote biodiversity and nature regeneration.

 With enthusiasm, ideas and willing hands, we can make a difference.

Please come along, and invite others you know who might like to join us.

Contact: Caitlin 01643 841310,

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