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Benefice Newsletter 15th October 2021

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Somerset Covid-19 Weekly Update 15 October

Regal Theatre 

FORTHCOMING EVENTSfor details see www.regaltheatre.co.uk

Friday 29th & Saturday 30th October 7.30pm

Theatre: Waterfront- Comedy Tonight

 Sunday 31st October 7.30pm

Screening: Cliff Richard – The Great 80 Tour

(also Saturday 6th November)

 Tuesday 2nd November7.30pm

Film: On The Rocks

 Wednesday 3rd November 7.30pm

Theatre: The Pantaloons – The Strange Case of Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde

 Friday 5th November 7.30pm

Live Band: Beach Boyz Tribute Band

 Saturday 6th November 7.30pm

Screening: Cliff Richard – The Great 80 Tour

 Friday 12th November 2pm


 Friday 19th November 7.30pm

Live Band: 60s Explosion – Story of the Searchers

 Friday 26th & Saturday 27th November 7.30pm

Film: No Time To Die

 Tuesday 30th November 7.30pm

Exhibition on Screen: The Danish Collector: Delacroix To Gauguin

 Saturday 4th December 7.30pm

Concert: Chamber Orchestra of the West

 Tuesday 7th December 7.30pm

Film: The Truth

 Wednesday 8th December 7.30pm

Theatre: The Pantaloons – Humbugged

 Thursday 9th December 7.30pm

Live screening: The Nutcracker

 …. for more events see  www.regaltheatre.co.uk

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