No Dogs Please!

Hello to whoever this may concern.

My brother and I have taken on a tenancy of 2 fields within the village.

One of them is alongside Wannaroo and the social club, this one we have padlocked and don’t want dogs/walkers in (I have already started informing people of this) the second field which is on the Wootton Courtenay footpath just over the bridge from Wannaroo, it is about an acre and a half with the Avil running alongside. This one we know is used as a dog walking field by the village. I have been around with the hedge trimmer and opened it up, I will also be cutting back the overgrown hedge alongside Heber Vale Lane. We are hoping to stock the field once we make it secure. I have spoken to the national park about altering the gates to make them more “people friendly” we would like the villagers to respect this as a livestock field and keep dogs on leads when sheep are contained, and any dog muck to be removed immediately. If this doesn’t happen we may fence the footpath out of the field direct to the other gateway.

Many thanks Oliver Hill

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