Benefice Newsletter 14th January 2022

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Somerset Waste Update

Somerset Covid-19 Weekly Update 14.01.22

Timberscombe School Friday News 14.1.22

Reporting a problem on the road

Alerting SCC to potholes or a host of other problems on the road is now easier and quicker – and you can track its progress after you’ve reported it.

Gone is the need to make phone calls or send emails – thanks to a new upgraded online system with an improved interactive map, members of the public can report a problem 24/7 and the Highways team will get on the case. From potholes, blocked drains and broken manhole covers, to overgrown vegetation, damaged pavements or cycle paths, faulty traffic lights or missing markings – they can all be reported in just minutes from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The full range and how to report is available here  www.somerset.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/report-a-problem-on-the-road/.

The new development means that if you’re reporting a fault, you can now track its progress. If it’s safe to pull over, all you need to do is take a quick picture of the fault, then visit the Report It site on your phone, answer a few simple questions and upload your picture. You’ll be sent a link which enables you to track its progress.

Please click here to read the full press release.

Police Alert

We have been made aware that the TV Licencing scam email appears to be going round again, no doubt a lot of you may have seen this before, if you have not, an example of what to look out for is attached to this alert. It is worth noting it may look different in other versions of the scam so do please remain alert and watch out for the obvious errors, such as:

– Sent from a random email address

– Spelling mistakes

– Poor grammar

– Obvious attempts to gain your personal details

A second scam has also been highlighted following fraudsters claiming to represent the Postcode Lottery. A withheld number called one of our members stating they had won £349 and an amount of Holiday vouchers. As the call progressed the NHW member began to suspect all was not as it seemed and at the point the gentleman with the oversees accent asked for updated bank details the call was fortunately terminated.

Do please remain aware of these attempts and if in any doubt, stop and check.


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