Benefice Newsletter 1st April 2022

Spring Covid Booster Jabs
The NHS have begun inviting eligible people aged 75 and over and those who are immunosuppressed to come forward to book their Spring booster jabs. More than
nine in 10 people aged 75 came forward for their first booster and recent research
from the UK Health Security Agency has shown that the NHS booster programme
has helped prevent around 157,000 hospitalisations since mid-December.
Those eligible should arrange a jab through the national booking service when
invited. Booking can be accessed online at www.nhs.uk/covid vaccine or by calling 119.
The Spring boosters will top up the protection of the elderly and the most vulnerable
in our community against severe illness from COVID-19, please do all you can to
encourage uptake.
There are plenty of walk-in appointments available across the county. Please check
the local NHS website: COVID-19 vaccinations in Somerset to find clinics in your
area or use the national portal to find a clinic: www.nhs.uk/grab-a-jab.
You can also pre-book an appointment. To do this, visit www.nhs.uk/Covid-
Vaccination or call 119 for an appointment. The helpline has over 200 languages
available if you or someone you know requires an interpreter.
NHS staff are ready to welcome you whether it’s for your first, second, or third dose.

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