Dunster Road Open ??????

Is the road open or closed???

Having left home early yesterday to follow the diversion around the Dunster road closure I later found out that the road had not been closed as advertised grrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

A local resident who contacted SCC was told that the roadworks were to be carried out overnight on the night of 13th/14th and that the road would otherwise be open. So, if you are reading this on the village email the work MAY be complete.

However, at 7am on 13th April the email below from SSC was sent to the Parish Council. In view of the confusion please allow extra time if going through Dunster, just in case !!

“Please be aware that we have received notification of a date change to a temporary road closure at West Street, Dunster  for approximately 75 metres.

The new date for the works to commence is 11th April 2022  and is expected to last until  14th April 2022 for a total of 4 days.”

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