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Benefice Newsletter 10th June 2022

Timberscombe School Friday News 10th June

Council Tax Energy Rebate Payments

If you pay for electricity and live in a property in Council Tax band A to D you are eligible to receive a £150 energy rebate payment. If you have not yet received it, you can claim now. Check your bank account NOW. 
SWT will make payment into your bank account. Payments cannot be made by cash or cheque.
If you were in receipt of Council Tax Support on 1 April 2022  SWT will also add a £24 discretionary, on top on top of the £150 energy rebate. This will be applied automatically as part of the claim process.
For those households who do not submit a claim by the end of June, £150 will be paid direct to their Council Tax account and a revised bill will be issued showing the effect this has made to their account.
Claims can also be made over the telephone on 0300 304 8000 Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm. The same details will be required as for online claims.

Claim your rebate HERE

Notice from the Police

I have been advised this morning that one of our Neighbourhood Watch coordinators has been subject of an attempted scam, this was brought to my attention by a member of our Police Beat Teams. The details are as follows:

Coordinator had a strange phone call today from a person claiming to be a DCI from the MET Police stating that her card had been used by her Grandson fraudulently, they named the grandson incorrectly. They then stated they could not interview him until she rang 162, which luckily she didn’t. No bank details were passed.

Following advice from our Fraud Protect Team, it appears this could have easily led into Courier Fraud or a request to transfer funds into a so called “Safe Account”.

Think Travel Can Help

A new one-stop travel information website has been launched by Somerset County Council to support more local people to access public and community transport.
If you don’t own a car – or want to leave it at home and travel more sustainably, Think Travel can help you with your transport options. Whether it’s getting to the doctors, shops, travelling to work, college, or school, or just into town to meet friends or family, the new travel planner shows you what’s available. It covers public transport, community transport, the Slinky demand responsive transport service and
car sharing.
To start your search, all you need to do is enter your journey start point and destination in the planner and Think Travel will find the available options for you. As well as information on train and bus services, there’s also a dedicated car sharing notice board you can sign up to, where offers or requests for car sharing journeys can be posted.
The aim is to grow this facility and encourage local car sharing networks to evolve.
You can check out “Think Travel” here: https://somerset.thinktravel.info

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