Reminder entries for the Timberscombe Show should be in by 15th August. Entries to Wendy Cook at Blackball House, Holes Square, Timberscombe. Spare entry forms are available from the Post Office.

Somerset Health and Wellbeing Updates Including vaccination centres and Children’s Immunisations reminders.

Benefice Newsletter 5th August 2022

Message from the Neighbourhood Police Team

I have been made aware this afternoon that a resident in Porlock has again been subject of a Telephone Scam. No doubt many of you will have had bogus calls claiming to be from various companies, some of them asking you to press 1 on your keypad, please never do this simply hang up. This caller claimed to be from Amazon and was on a local number (01643), they have clever methods of doing this, and stated £500 had been taken from their account. The resident does not own a computer, making the order highly unlikely. This was then reported to police.

Attachments: the-little-book-of-big-scams-v5.pdf

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