1st Mandy Rich  £25

            2nd Mrs Dibble  £15

            3rd Carol Wheeler  £10


How do I get my £200 alternative fuel payment?

Update 24/01/23

UKIFDA has announced that the government will start paying the £200 alternative fuel payments from February 6th 2023.

Heating oil customers should be aware of the following:

  • Customers have been identified using an off the gas grid database and recent census information.
  • The majority of customers will receive their £200 automatically via their electricity supplier starting on February 6, in a similar fashion to other recent government payments (direct debit, credit to account or voucher).
  • There will be some small exceptions – for example customers that don’t have an electricity account or those that use oil but live in a gas grid area. These customers will need to apply via an online portal which will be open in February alongside a post code checker.


Join Wootton Courtenay Gardening Club!

Now is the best time to join Wootton Courtenay Gardening Club, as you will benefit from a whole year’s membership from January onwards.  Membership costs just £10 a year, and we have a diverse programme of talks and garden visits lined up for 2023.  Meetings are held in Wootton Courtenay Village Hall, at 7.30pm on the last Tuesday of alternate months.

You can pick up a membership form from Andy Giles at the Wootton Courtenay village shop, or visit our webpage and click on the link to print your own: https://woottoncourtenayvillage.co.uk/home/clubs/gardening-club/  

You’ll also find full details of this year’s programme on the webpage, including a masterclass from Cannington lecturer Nigel Cox on managing your garden using organic methods, and an inspiring talk from Felicity Down on how to achieve all-year-round colour in your garden.

Come and meet like-minded people in a friendly and enthusiastic environment!  Guest entry costs just £3 per meeting, so you can come and try it out before you join, if you prefer.

Marion Jay – Chairwoman, Wootton Courtenay Gardening Club

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