SWT Council Business Bulletins

Benefice Newsletter 10th February 2023

Somerset Waste Briefing 2023 February   with news on Valentine’s Day, Business recycling support, Fixy repair and reuse, the new Somerset Council and Somerset Food Waste Week.

  1. Register to vote in Taunton Town Council elections

Voters in the Taunton area are being reminded to make sure they are registered to vote so they can take part in electing the new Taunton Town Council on 4 May. It’s quick and easy to register to vote, but after the deadline of 17 April, it will be too late for the 4 May election.

The call for voters to sign up aims to encourage as many people as possible to register before the elections taking place this year for the first parish-level council in Taunton for almost 50 years. Research shows that young people, students and recent home movers are particularly less likely to be registered to vote. So, if you fall into one of these categories it is doubly important to make sure you’re registered correctly.

Please click here to read the full press release.

2 . Exmoor National Park Authority (ENPA) – Missing finger from Exmoor Landmark Sign Sought

The finger from one of Exmoor’s iconic historic signposts is missing and the National Park Authority are appealing for its return. Many visitors admire Exmoor’s iconic cast-iron signposts, and they are now a source of local pride, but a few years ago many were dilapidated and broken until a project led by the National Park Authority and Somerset County Council with an army of volunteers from local parishes enabled the restoration of 140 signposts.  

Following significant damage to two highly important signposts and ongoing maintenance costs, the authority is now hoping to raise at least £3,000 through its CareMoor donations scheme in the coming months. One of the damaged signposts is located at Webber’s Post and the finger that should direct people to Somerset’s highest point, Dunkery Beacon as well as Wheddon Cross, where the famous snowdrop valley is based, is now missing. The second signpost which was vandalised and needs significant repair is located at Withypool. 

Please click here to read the full press release.

3.Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP) –Get Outside in Somerset Half Term Challenge

Enjoy this February half term with Get Outside in Somerset’s new step challenge! Challenge yourself to achieve at least 8K steps per day, or if that seems like a bit too much, increase your current average by 3K, or go outside for at least 30 minutes every day. A fantastic opportunity to explore Somerset with family, friends, colleagues or on your own! Don’t forget, Tuesday 14 is Valentine’s Day, spread the love and check in with each other on your daily walk!

Please click here to read the full press release.

3. New campaign launched to recruit volunteer police officers

ASP are launching a new recruitment campaign, asking people to join them and begin a second career as a volunteer police officer. Volunteer police officers – or Special Constables, as they are known, provide an important link between their community and the police. ASP recognise the benefit that different life experiences and perspectives can bring to policing and are particularly interested in receiving applications from people from an ethnic minority background, and women.

Please click here to read the full press release.

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