This is the Parish Magazine for Timberscombe and Wootton Courtenay and has been published for many years, certainly since 1936 (which is the earliest copy we have seen)

Survey February 2023 We conducted a survey where we asked those who take the magazine, to respond to questions including the future of the Dunkery Tidings.

All respondents said that they would like it to continue, in paper format, as a source of current local information EVEN IF this information is available online elsewhere. The attractiveness being that information about local events available in one place and in paper form, is extremely useful for reference.  

In no particular order these included

Church services in St Petrock’s and All Saints, and rotas.

Names and contact details for local businesses

Adverts and timings  for forthcoming events – clubs, church, social, fundraising, commercial.

Cookery recipes from Wooden Spoon

Reflections from the Rector and Bishop

Review of events of the previous month.

Most respondents wished to see future Dunkery Tidings magazines include

More parish information and not just the church news

Parish Council information – counsellor member details, dates of meetings, synopsis of minutes.

Schools information – what has passed and what is planned, what can villagers attend

Clubs  – local clubs. More information about what and when, including what takes place in  the Village Hall.

Buying and selling adverts.               Crossword/ quizzes/ puzzles on a page

Events being held outside Timberscombe and Wootton Courtenay.

In the future it is likely that most copies will be available for collection from the Post Offices in both villages (it is already in Wotton Courtenay) and a few will be delivered. We are trying to hold the price for 12 issues to £4

To make this sustainable for the future we ask you to

Sign up for an annual subscription now at £4 which is amazing value. Every subscription counts!

If you have a Directory Entry to advertise your business please pay your sub now – £5 per line for entry in all 12 editions. And if you haven’t advertised before, please do so. The magazine currently reaches 128 homes and is a very cost effective way to promote your enterprise. Please contact the Editor Miss Sarah Campbell at the Post Office or the Timberscombe Churchwardens, Marion Jeffrey (01643 841500) or Kate Hart (01643 841745)

With your support and contributions we can ensure the Dunkery Tidings survives and thrives!

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