Do you own some land or buildings, which could be converted or redeveloped, to provide homes to for local people who live and work in our communities? If so, we want to hear from you. 

 A parish housing need survey for Cutcombe, Exford, Exton, Luccombe, Luxborough, Timberscombe, Winsford and Wootton Courtenay has identified a need for a small number of homes for local people in our communities who are unable to afford open market housing either to rent or to buy. The homes needed are for rent or affordable home ownership and these would remain more affordable on a permanent basis.

The parishes have formed an Affordable Housing Working Group to help bring forward the homes needed in our communities. We therefore would like to hear from owners of land or redundant buildings, which might be suitable for housing – this must be land or buildings in or next to one of our settlements (Cutcombe/Wheddon Cross, Bridgetown/Exton, Exford, Luccombe, Luxborough, Timberscombe, Winsford or Wootton Courtenay.) If we find the sites we need we will then work with partners including landowners, the Exmoor Rural Housing Coordinator, West Somerset Council and Exmoor National Park Authority to help bring forward the homes we need.

Please contact your Parish Clerk if you have land or buildings available by 22nd March.


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