Police Report Timberscombe

April/May 2019 Crime Reports

Calls to Police – There were approximately 182 Police calls for that period in the whole of Exmoor area, 4 of which were for the Parish of Timberscombe. The calls consisted of 2 x RTC 2 x Anti Social behaviour.

Please bear in mind the following;

– Please do not leave any valuables on show in vehicles. Please be mindful when leaving vehicles parked up when you go for a walk leaving valuables on show beauty spots are always a target for thieves as often they are out of sight. We have had a few breaks in’s of vehicles parked up at beauty spot areas and other places over the Exmoor area and this tends to escalates when we have the nicer weather and more people are about enjoying the area.

– Please be vigilant with security of out buildings and sheds and consider placing motion lights or light up dark areas where thieves could be out of sight. Help keep your property secure locked and valuables out of sight. Please report any suspicious activity via 999.

– Farm Watch is available for anyone with a farm or small holding please feel free to contact PCSO Linda Brooks. This is a free service.

I have an Exmoor facebook profile feel free to add me you can find me by searching PCSO Linda Brooks

Speed Watch is a scheme where members of the public can volunteer and do speed checks in your village we need at least 3 people at any one time to do the session so always handy to get a few more people interested as replacements or to swap around for different sessions. The way forward is to get the people interested one person to take the lead and contact me I then provide links to the speed watch registration process. This involves each member of the team to fill out and apply using these links. I’m currently waiting on some sort of training around this so I can assist you and guide you.

PCSO Linda Brooks

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