Message from PCSO Linda Brooks – Can I please remind parents to help educate their children in regards to road safety, we have received concerns regarding children using their bikes and scooters on the roads in a unsafe manner. Whilst we want to encourage children to be out on their bikes and having fun we also need them to be aware of the dangers that the ever increasing busy roads can cause. *Don’t ride out straight from between parked vehicles as this can restrict the view *ALWAYS wear a helmet whether thats a scooter or a bike *Where possible wear bright clothing especially on darker evenings as motorists cannot always see you until it’s too late. *Ride at an appropriate speed for the area , be alert for traffic coming from different directions. Equally Motorists to be alert and drive at appropriate speed to allow for rural villages and narrow roads. I will be looking at going into the local school of this area to speak with the children. Linda Brooks Police Community Support Officer Porlock and Dunster Areas Exmoor Avon and Somerset Police Minehead Police Station 32 Townsend Road Minehead TA24 5RJ Tel 07889659856 Email Follow us on Twitter and Facebook


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