Within Exmoor and surrounding beats we have had some Farm related vehicles and items taken, A John Deere Quad bike from Brompton Ralph as well as a sheep handling system and a Trailer.  Also some French milk powder intended for cattle feed from a farm in Nether Stowey. These items were circulated on the Farm Watch system.

With the nicer weather I aim aiming to do some patrols in the beauty spot areas to offer advice to motorists and take note of any vehicles with items on display so that we can contact them to offer advice. This generally is more of a summer season type crime when there are more people about taking walks.

I am holding various coffee with cops and beat surgeries in and around my beat areas so there will always be one fairly close to you. These dates will be advertised at the locations such as tearoom windows and also on our Avon and Somerset website and on my Facebook account. Sometimes these dates are subject to cancellation depending on last minute commitments.

On Exmoor I offer a Farm and Horse watch scheme, this is a free service and involves me registering the person on the scheme to receive updates just as you do as coordinators, advising them of any farm or horse related thefts and crimes. If you or anyone you know would be interested in this scheme please pass on my details

We are also asking people if there is a genuine speed issue somewhere if a speed watch can be considered this is a local community led scheme but we will offer some support and attend initially to help you get set up. The scheme needs at least 3 to 6 people to operate at any one time 3 minimum. If this is something that people would like to do they can contact me and I can explain the procedure to move forward. Site assessments need to take place by the Police to ensure that it is a suitable location.

I also have a work Facebook account under PCSO Linda Brooks and can easily be contacted on here.  The Facebook site is working really well and I have received great feedback from it. The Facebook site is not to report crime on but general enquiries and a place where I can advertise beat surgeries and any information of relevance. Feel free to add me.

PCSO Linda Brooks

Telephone number -work mobile 07889659856

General enquiries 101

Emergency 999

Email –



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