Yoga plus lunch

Due to cancellations, there are now 2 spaces available on this lovely morning.

Friday 24th January
New Place, Bossington Lane, Porlock
10am – 1:30pm.  £30
2 hour yoga session followed by a 2 course vegetarian lunch.

After the chaos and hype of mid-winter festivities, followed so quickly by enthusiastic and ambitious resolutions to change our habits, we can sometimes feel flat, tired and drained. This can be a signal that our bodies are crying out for rest! Still in the depths of winter, the natural world is in hibernation, and yet we push ourselves into activity and productivity.
This morning will be a chance to slip back into a deep state of rest and relaxation. Taking inspiration from the 5 elements theory, we will immerse ourselves in the restorative water element, don’t worry – no swimming!
Slow yet satisfying yoga stretches will be followed by a long relaxation.
Our delicious lunch will incorporate foods that support and nourish our kidney and bladder meridians, helping to recharge our internal batteries.

Terry Bruce

07961 892526


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