Waste Collections Over Easter

Easter will bring waste day changes for every household in Somerset.

Pick-ups of recycling, rubbish and clinical waste due on Good Friday 10 April will take place on Saturday 11 April.

No collections on Easter Monday 13 April mean all the week’s kerbside services are one day later, including Friday pick-ups on Saturday 18 April.

All recycling sites remain closed due to the health situation, while garden waste and bulky waste services are suspended.

Residents are being reminded that disruption due to COVID-19, including dozens of staff forced to self-isolate, means changes to waste services:

  • All weekly recycling collections as usual but there are no returns for missed pick-ups. Boxes and food waste bins should be put out the following week, when those collections will be a priority.
  • Rubbish and clinical waste pick-ups as usual. If either are missed, report via the My Waste Services menu at http://www.somersetwaste.gov.uk or through council customer services – details: https://www.somersetwaste.gov.uk/contact-us/.
  • Garden waste collections are suspended but 2020-21 subscribers will get a one year extension from the date when collections restart
  • Bulky waste collections are suspended.
  • No new container requests can be accepted.
  • All recycling sites remain closed. Materials should be stored and not added to rubbish, especially those that could be a fire risk, such as batteries, gas canisters and electrical items.

Residents are urged to help crews work faster and more efficiently to complete their rounds with simple steps:

  • Sort and segregate materials without using carrier bags in recycling boxes.
  • Rinse containers and, if safe, flatten or squash everything except glass and aerosols.
  • Get boxes and bins out by 7am on collection day and leave out late so crews can reach as many homes as possible.
  • Park carefully so waste trucks – and fire engines and ambulances – can get through.

Vital waste safety advice for residents includes:

  • Take care when handling waste, including washing hands before and after putting out recycling and rubbish for collection.
  • Put no tissues, cleaning cloths or plastic/latex gloves in recycling.
  • If they have coronavirus symptoms or are in a household with someone showing symptoms, they should double bag tissues, gloves and disposable cleaning cloths, keep these bags separate from other waste for at least 72 hours in their home, and then add the bags to their rubbish.

A Somerset Waste Partnership spokesman said: “As we work hard to maintain and improve services in the face of this pandemic, our dedicated crews are doing a fantastic job while dozens of their colleagues are forced to self-isolate. And the crews are getting great support from residents – we all appreciate their patience and their efforts to ensure recycling is well presented and out on time.”

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