Another Covid-19 Scam

Trading Standards have told us that a number of residents have been called on their landline from a fake 01225 number, claiming to be from the Government. The automated voice said that the Government is instructing them to wear a face mask and to press a number on the keypad to make a purchase. Fortunately the residents have recognised this as a scam.

Although these calls were made to residents in the Bath area at present, it is likely that this will become far more widespread and will no doubt include our area. Please remain alert to any potential scam calls.

Help Tropiquaria?

Note from Cindy Hurn

I learned the other day that Tropiquaria are struggling to raise the upkeep for their animals now that they have to stay closed. They started a Go Fund Me page, hoping to raise enough to keep the animals fed and housed.  The kids always enjoyed going there, and I appreciated so much how well they kept their animals.  I wonder if folks in Timberscombe realize that Tropiquaria needs as much help as they can muster or they will have to shut down. That would be a real loss to the area.

Here’s the link if you would like to help them

Cindy Hurn

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