At-a-glance coronavirus support

Help schemes based on your work situation:
– Working from home: Claim tax back Universal credit
– Employee who can’t work: Furlough | Universal credit
– Self-employed: SEISS | Universal credit | Bounce back
– Ltd co director: Furlough (PAYE) | Universal credit | Bounce back
– Zero hrs, gig, umbrella, agency: Furlough | Universal credit
– Being made redundant: Redundancy helpUniversal credit
– Unemployed: Jobseeker’s allowance | Universal credit

Help schemes based on financial products:
Need more financial help? If you need to take a payment holiday and haven’t yet, there’s still time – here are the last application dates:

Not extended (yet?):
– Until 27 Jul: Car finance (PCP, lease, HP), pawnbroking, buy-now-pay-later & rent to own, payday loans (interest & payment hols)
– Until 18 Aug: Insurance, eg, car, home, loan payments
– Until 20 Oct: Individual voluntary arrangements

– Until 31 Oct: Mortgage payment holidays
– Until 31 Oct (TBC): Credit cards, personal loans & catalogue debt

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