Come home to your body

Free 5 day Yoga and Movement practice!

Join me on Facebook for 5 days of free yoga, movement and simple breathing techniques to ease out niggles in your body, feel more at home in your body, and feel more centred and grounded! 

Starting on Wednesday 18th I’ll be live on Facebook every day – working with a specific area of the body.

Neck and shoulders

Hands and wrists


Ankles and feet

And the bit that connects all the other bits… The Spine!

There will be a short practice- mobilising this area of the body.

Simple and wonderful breathing practices, and some time to ask questions and hear about your experience.

😃 I would LOVE you to join me  😃

Come and have some fun… and feel easier, relaxed and at home in your body!

To join the fun… or spread the word…. here’s the link to follow! 🥰

Hope to see you there,


Terry Bruce 

BWY Dip – Yoga Teacher

MRSS – Shiatsu Practitioner 

With over 10 years experience as a yoga teacher and shiatsu practitioner  – I’ll be guiding you safely through a fabulous 5 days of practice! 

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