Services at St Petrock’s Church

With the recent announcement that we are now in Tier 4, the decision has been made to close St Petrock’s to worship this Sunday 3rd and the following Sunday 10th January. This is to give everyone time to adjust to Tier 4 life, and to help ensure we all keep safe and well. Our sincere hope is that we will see again all those who feel able to re-join our service on Sunday 17th January. We will of course keep you in touch if there is any change to this plan or please look on the website for further information.

The church will be kept locked but is available on request to anyone who lets John or myself know that they would like to enter the church for private prayer which can then easily be arranged.

We very much look forward to the time later in the year when we can resume our usual services and pattern of life here. Meanwhile, if John Gratton or myself can offer any help or support you may need, or you would simply like to have a chat, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With our best wishes for you to remain safe and keep well.

John Gratton (841490) and Marion Jeffrey (841500)

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