Let’s spread the love

lion photo

Let’s spread the love …. with a romantic meal from The Lion Inn at home on 13th &14th February

The main event:
Duck breast with whisky and passion fruit sauce, crushed new potatoes and lightly cooked green beans.

Spatchcock pigeon on bruschetta with Cavolo nero, pancetta and cep mushrooms. Oozing romantic Italian undertones – the strong irony flavour of Cavolo nero are a beautifully matched in this dish by the rich pigeon, earthy mushrooms, and marsala wine.

Roasted cod with champagne and honey  – Combination of sweet honey with crisp, luxurious champagne.

Pea and Asparagus Risotto with pine and sage butter – a creamy spring risotto that is comforting to eat. 

The grand finalé
Espresso custard tart with sugared pistachio – The classic custard tart gets a modern twist.

Turkish delight cheesecake – Decorated with a couple of rose petals to make it even more delectable.

Classic Paris –Brest – A work of patisserie art, crispy almond-topped choux pastry encasing mounds of silky praline cream.

£30 per person
Pre orders will be required by 9th February
Once ordered full amount will be payable. Contact us 01643841243 or info@thelioninntimberscombe.com follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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