Timberscombe Village Hall

Dear Residents,                                                                                                               

We are pleased to announce that Timberscombe Village Hall will be fully open for business from Monday 6th September 2021.

With so many people working from home over the last 18 months the Village Hall Committee made the decision to permit residents to use the Hall car park with few restrictions over that period. With users back in the Hall, however, we now need to remind residents that the Village Hall car park is private and is for the use of users of the Hall. Users pay for the use of the Hall AND the car park in their hire fee. This includes the school, who pay an annual fee to use the hall AND car park during school hours. Whilst the Village Hall Committee understands the problem of parking in the village and tries to be as helpful as possible, I am sure you will appreciate that having paid for the use of the car park, users expect to be able to park.

One of the main problems in the past has been the parking of trailers, or cars awaiting sale/maintenance, in the car park. We ask that residents do not, at any time, park trailers or cars awaiting sale/maintenance in the car park.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Timberscombe Village Hall Committee.

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