Timberscombe exhibition: Saturday and Sunday, 18th & 19th September

All villagers are very welcome to bring their exhibits along to Timberscombe Village Hall on Friday, 17th September, between 5 and 8pm whether it is just one exhibit they have made or lots. Children’s exhibits will be especially welcome. We know there is huge talent out there. Anyone wanting to sell items should mark the price on them and fill in contact details on a card provided.

The exhibition will be open to the public from 10am to 4pm on the Saturday and 10am until 1pm on the Sunday and we would ask exhibitors to collect their exhibits immediately after 1pm on that day unless prior arrangements have been made.

The exhibition is being held this year as an alternative to Timbersombe Show which we felt it wise to cancel earlier in the year. We really hope that the show will return next year but, having been absent for two years, perhaps it might need some tweaking. There will be a suggestion box at the exhibition for you to give your thoughts and ideas for possible improvements.

Also we’d like to invite you to create a poster to advertise next years’ show (Saturday, 20th August 2022) which will be displayed at the exhibition. It should be A4 size.

Refreshments in the form of beverages and cakes will be available throughout the exhibition from Mr B’s coffee trailer in the Village Hall Carpark.

Any queries, please phone Wendy on 841471

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