Yoga Class

I could never go to a yoga class.

I could never get into those shapes…

I can barely reach to tie my shoes.

I definitely can’t touch my toes.

My balance is terrible.

I can’t sit and ‘do nothing’ and I can’t ever switch off my mind!

I’ll let you into a (sadly) little known secret…

… You don’t have to!

Yoga, when it’s taught well, and safely, will help you get closer to your toes, help you to improve your balance, and help you to tame some of the reeling and churning that might take hold of your thoughts.

All this comes gradually, with practice, over time.
All you have to do is show up – as you are – and begin.

Yoga for 2022 begins on Monday 10th January!  

Wootton Courtenay Village Hall ,10-11am

Wheddon Cross Moorland Hall, 7-8:30pm

Book yourself a space here:

If you have any questions about whether these classes are suitable for you, feel free to send me an email:

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