SWT Council Business Bulletins

Benefice Newsletter 11th Feb 2022

SWT Council Business Online Training Sessions

Somerset Covid-19 Updates

Calls for voters to register in time for May elections
Voters in SWT are being reminded to make sure they are registered to vote and able to take part in local elections for the new unitary council for Somerset, and town and parish councils, on Thursday 5 May. It’s quick and easy to register to vote, but after the deadline of 14 April, it will be too late.
To register to vote, visit register-to-vote before midnight on Thursday, 14 April or contact elections@somersetwestandtaunton.gov.uk.

Recycle More: two weeks to go for Sedgemoor and West Somerset
Around 35,000 Bright Blue Bags have been delivered across Sedgemoor and West Somerset ahead of the launch of Recycle More at the end of the month. A similar number will be delivered next week so don’t worry if you live in the area and haven’t had yours yet. They should be left somewhere obvious – usually in an empty recycling box.
The new recycling container is a key component of the SWP expanded service which adds the following to weekly collections: plastic pots, tubs and trays; food and drink cartons, small household electrical items and batteries.
Please don’t use your bag until your first new Recycle More collection day – this is made clear in the collection day calendar in your “Recycle More is coming” leaflet.
Around two thirds of households will have a new collection day so make sure you check.
Please also resist the urge to stockpile new materials for your first Recycle More collection. It’s important not to overwhelm the crews as they get used to different routes and extra items.
Around 12,000 homes will get an extra, one-off Saturday collection – of rubbish only – on 26 February or 5 March. This is to make sure they don’t go more than three weeks between rubbish collections. If this applies to you it is made clear on the front of your leaflet and on the calendar itself. Please check.
Recycle More is the biggest step forward in recycling in the county for more than a decade. It is already working well in the rest of the county, collecting hundreds of extra tonnes of recycling each week and seeing a big drop in the waste in people’s rubbish bins.

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