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Benefice Newsletter 25th March 2022

Recycling Update

Flip your lid/number your bag
Don’t forget, your Bright Blue Bag has a Velcro-fastened lid to keep contents in when it’s windy. Not everyone is making use of it— if you’ve not spotted it yet, you’ll find yours tucked inside.

Partial to your own bag? Numbering it helps crews return it to the right property— which can be tricky when you’re working fast and making hundreds of collections.
A Sharpie or marker pen works well.

Road Safety Team advise against distracted driving

Drivers are being warned by SCC’s Road Safety Team that tough new legislation kicks in this week to punish mobile phone use at the wheel.

As of Friday (25 March 2022), drivers caught using a phone while in charge of a vehicle can expect six points on their licence and a £200 fixed penalty notice. If you have only had your driving licence for less than two years, it will be revoked, and you will have to pass your test again.

The Highway Code will also be changed to say that handheld phone use in traffic jams or when stationary is also illegal.

Please click here to read the full press release.

Please be aware that adders are waking up!

Somerset is getting warmer, and the sunshine is waking up the early adders on the grassy areas and coastal paths. Adders are grey or reddish-brown, with a dark zig-zag shaped stripe down their back.

Most snake bites are not serious as the adder is the only venomous snake in the UK. You should however get all snake bites checked as soon as possible. If you think you have been bitten by a snake out on the coast path and need medical assistance, call 999 and ask for immediate help.


  • stay calm, most snake bites in the UK are not serious and can be treated,
  • keep the part of your body that was bitten as still as you can,
  • lie in the recovery position if you can,
  • take paracetamol for any pain,
  • try to remember the colour and pattern of the snake to tell the doctor,
  • take off any jewellery and loosen clothes near the bite, in case it swells


  • go near the snake, or try to catch or kill it,
  • try to suck or cut the poison (venom) out of the bite,
  • tie anything tightly round the part of the body where the bite is,
  • take aspirin or ibuprofen, as they can make bleeding worse.

Telling the doctors, the colour and pattern of the snake that bit you could help them treat it.

Dog Advice

Carry your dog rather than allow him or her to walk to reduce the spread of venom around the body. Bathe the wound in cold water to help control the swelling and try to keep your dog quiet and warm as you travel to your nearest vet practice.

Never take risks near the coast or sea. If you are in danger or need emergency help call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Health and Welfare – Age 40-74? Get your free NHS Health Check

Somerset Public Health is urging everyone who is eligible to get a free NHS Health Check to lower their risk of developing serious health conditions. The NHS Health Check is available for anyone between the age of 40 and 74 years, every five years, who does not have a pre-existing long-term condition.

The NHS Health Check is an important step for many people towards improving their health and becoming more aware of what they can do to lead a healthier life. It can help lower people’s risk of developing heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, type 2 diabetes, and some types of dementia.

Attending a free NHS Health Check helps people be better prepared for their future. It identifies risks early on, giving people the opportunity to take steps to reduce them and improving their chance of staying healthy as they age.

Please click here to read the full press release.

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