Fraud & Scam Awareness.

It is difficult to believe that at this difficult time there are not only people who are trying to scam us but even worse those who are trying to take advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to scam us.

Somerset Police have produced a leaflet about the current Covid-10 scams. Click HERE to read it. The majority of scams which have emerged relate to the online sale of protective
items which may be in short supply across the country. This includes protective
masks, hand sanitisers and other products associated with coronavirus.
There have also been emails sent offering fake medical support, targeting people
who may be vulnerable or increasingly isolated at home.

Please take the time to make yourself aware of these scams.

I have also been made aware of this scam:

People who have Amazon accounts , be aware scammers are calling on landlines purporting to represent Amazon, AMAZON DO NOT CONTACT CUSTOMERS BY PHONE, just ignore the calls or better yet contact Amazon through the website and report any calls.


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