Stay Home Get Fit

With severe restrictions on our movement it is essential for us all to remain active. I have put together a selecting of online videos which you can use to create a regular exercise programme during this period of confinement.

The videos cover all ages and abilities including children and people with health restrictions such as bad knees or back, arthritis, etc. so there are no excuses !

The videos range from 5 minutes to over an hour and cover pilates, yoga, strength work, aerobic workout, PE for Kids and even belly dancing. So why not set your self the target of doing one each day and may be by the end of this period of isolation we will have some Timberscombe belly dancers !!

  • First up are the pilates, yoga, strength, resistance and aerobic workouts videos created by the NHS.  I have listed the catagories below so you can see the huge range  of classes available. To access these videos Click HERE  and then choose the type of classes you want to try by clicking on the + to get a drop down menu of classes.

Pilates Level 1 (Level: Beginner)

Pyjama pilates (Level: Intermediate)

Yoga with LJ (Level: Beginner)

Beditation Pre- and postnatal yoga (Level: Beginner)

Chair-based pilates (Level: Beginner)

Pilates with back pain (Level: Beginner)

Pilates with knee problems (Level: Beginner)

Pilates with arthritis (Level: Beginner)

Pilates with scoliosis (Level: Beginner)

Pilates with osteoporosis (Level: Beginner)

Pilates with MS and fibromyalgia (Level: Beginner)

Basic warm-up (Level: Intermediate)

Abs workout (Level: Intermediate)

Legs workout (Level: Intermediate)

Waist workout (Level: Intermediate)

Arms workout (Level: Intermediate)

Bum toning (Level: Intermediate)

Cool-down (Level: Intermediate)

Wake up! workout (Level: Beginner)

Aerobics (Level: Beginner)

Dancing: belly dance (Level: Beginner)

Dancing: La Bomba (Level: Beginner)

Wake up! workout (Level: Beginner)

NHS Couch to 5k running plan


  • If you have Kids at home these daily 30 minute PE lessons with Joe will be a must. To access these daily workouts click HERE 


  • A selection of Trika Yoga session from 5 minutes to over an hour can be found by clicking HERE


  • Finally if you are already fit and want to stay that way gymnast Max Whitlock and other sportsmen and women have produced a series of vidoes which can be found by clicking HERE. Warning do not try these unless you are already fit!


If you have any other ideas for keeping us all occupied during this period of isolation please let me know by replying to this email.

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